Typography | Expressive Typography from Stephanie Nuria Sabato on Vimeo.

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Depict a poem or song lyric of your choice using different fonts, sizes and color to create a typographic composition utilizing compositional principles (emphasis, rhythm, balance, unity)

•Consider timing and rhythm of the chosen text and use
the above principles combined with effective use of white
space to visually represent the sound, pauses and expression
of your chosen text.


  • Explore type forms
  • Use typography in visual storytelling
  • Experiment with typefaces, sizes and styles
  • Explore the expressive possibilities of type
  • Apply the principles of design in typographic compositions
  • Use Adobe Illustrator to create a typographic composition


•Choose a poem or song lyric that contains many expressive descriptive and action words. Print out a copy.

•Go through the words and highlight those you wish to make your focal point and then determine what other text you will use in your piece.

•Make a hand sketch of the basic composition of your piece, incorporating the design elements you wish to use (pos/neg space, color, font, layering,
opacity, spacing, text as texture, etc.)

•Transfer the sketch to digital- use Illustrator to create your piece.
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Tommy Nardine, Graphic Artist- great examples of expressive typography

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