Creating A Personal Identity....Branding.

Branding refers to the process of developing an identity for yourself or your company. Elements of branding include the logo design, colors you choose, fonts that communicate your contact information and so forth. Branding is consistent throughout all promotional materials- business cards, website banners and layouts, letterheads.

All of these elements together work to communicate who you are and what you do; it is your first impression, and can make a huge difference in attracting clients.

Some examples of branding:









Check out this website for really cool business cards:






Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.25.11 AM.png


You will create a business card and web banner for your company based on the logo design.
Business card
• Choose either a Vertical or Horizontal format
• Horizontal (3.5 x 2) or Vertical (2 x 3.5)
• Include your contact Information: Your name, address, phone and email address.
• Logo as main visual element with other elements to pull it together visually

Website Header
• Document must be 728 PIXELS by 180 PIXELS
• Logo must be prominently incorporated into the design.
• Categories in the banner need to be “Home” “About Us” or “Bio”, “Shop” or “Services” and “Contact”

Creative Considerations
• Change the color of the logo or add color to it that emphasizes the style of your business. LIMIT 3 COLORS (including tints or shades of a color)
• Create borders or text boxes to offset information
• The font you choose should complement your logo and describe something
about your “style”
• Consider a color scheme that you can use that is consistent in both pieces
• Add geometric elements to make text or logo stand out
• Use of borders and transparency
• Creative use of text: spaced out, shaped, variation in size of text, overlapping, drop shadows

Some resources for you to use in your personal identity design:

Free fonts-

Color Combinations-
Adobe Kuler- color combinations with hex code-
FInd a color combination you like and then click the Picture_6.png button to see the codes to match the color in Illustrator.
Then copy the HEX code found below the color you like.
Finally, in Illustrator, double click on the color in the tools panel, when it opens, paste the hex code in the box labelled #.

Logo Designs-

Fun with Logos-

Guess the logo-
The Brand Quiz (pretty tough!)-