The Graphic Design Final: Design a CD Package for a Band of your choice!

Target Goal:
To create a professional looking cd ensemble based on the work of a famous graphic designer that you have researched. The final ensemble must demonstrate unity, use of creative typography, harmonious color and sophisticated Illustrator techniques.

What you must have:
The front/inside cover- Can be a continuous design or 2 separate. The Front Cover MUST have the name of the band and album. The inside can be purely image, or some text from a song incorporated with imagery.

The back cover- Here you must list the songs on the album which you may incorporate with imagery. Also, there will be two title spines, on either end of the design.

The cd label- this should have the album and band names again, along with coordinating design.

cd project guides.jpg

Student Examples:

the original cover:


Bradbury Thompson, Graphic Designer:


The Student cover, in the style of Bradbury Thompson:




Original CD:


Student Version: