The Jack and Jill Problem

In the squares above each part of the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill", illustrate each phrase using ONLY the dingbats and/or punctuation marks provided in the file below.

IN FIREFOX, you will download the Illustrator file and OPEN WITH ILLUSTRATOR. When the dialog box opens up, you must change the "open with" application from preview to Illustrator. The file should then open right up in Illustrator, and you can zoom out to see the entire workspace.

NOTE- If opening in Safari, the file will automatically open as a pdf right inside of Safari. You must save the file and then open it up with Illustrator for it to work.
The elements can be dragged into whichever frame you'd like.
You may use limited color, and you may repeat and resize the elements as necessary (SHIFT RESIZE to keep objects proportional!)
You may also break a bit from the frame for emphasis. The entire story should flow.
NOTE: the objects that you will use are different from those that you will see below.

Some Examples done by graphic design students: