is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible.
The arrangement of type involves the selection of font styles, size, spacing, color and placement on the page.
Expressive Typography can be used to illustrate meaning or emotions using the above factors.
drop.jpg elevator.jpg ill.jpg

cough.jpg clock.jpg pirate.jpg

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An exercise:

You will be assigned a word that you will illustrate to define the meaning or essence of the word, AND you must use a principle of design- Rhythm, Balance, Emphasis or Unity.
You are also limited to using ONLY the font and the space on the page.
No images.
No color, although you may play with opacity/grayscale
You may change the placement of the letters,
how many times they occur,
their relationship to one another,
their "shape"
their orientation

Some Illustrator hints: once you type your word, change the letters to editable objects- type--->create outlines. This will allow you to resize, cut apart, rotate, change the color, etc. much more easily.
Once your word is finished, we will print them and discuss.